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Nikki M.

"I had extreme pain last night, couldn't walk and barely move without being in extreme pain. I went in this morning and I can now walk on my own, and move a bit more. I already feel a lot better after my first visit. He has a great personality and good humor. Highly recommend Dr. Forbes. Can't wait to go back."

Caroline M.

"He's the best! I have had years of lower back pain after having children, and Dr. Mike was so thorough in treating me. He has x-rays on site, he explains everything going on, and the monthly plan is such a great deal. Highly, highly recommend to anyone looking for a doctor who genuinely cares to see you well."

Sophie R.

"This is the first solution I have found for my back pain in years! Dr. Mike is not only passionate about chiropractic care but he is also incredibly accessible and affordable. After a few visits with him I not only noticed that my back was pain free for the first time but that my overall energy seemed up and my movements in general were more fluid. Mike is always willing to take the time to explain his practice to you and is a step above your average health care provider in every way!"

Devin P.

"I own a mixed martial arts academy Nostos MMA and years and years of training and fighting professionally has worn on my body. Mike's work has really helped me rehab my body and aided me in feeling much better, more mobile with less pain."

John O.

"Dr. Mike has helped in relieving a great deal of pain.  He is very caring and his practice has an amazing atmosphere unlike any other doctor's office I have attended. He will go out of his way to give the best treatment to his patients and I personally feel ten years younger with a new lease on life....without back pain!  

I'd highly recommend Dr. Mike!!"

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